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The Law Office of Brandon J. Gibson, PLLC is a full service litigation firm, with an emphasis on Civil Rights Law, Employment Law and Commercial Litigation. We bring years of experience, passion and tenacity to defending our clients’ rights. We represent a wide variety of clients, from individuals to corporations, providing each with personalized representation tailored to meet their individual needs and goals. Approaching each case with our full attention and dedication, we aim to protect each clients’ interests and exceed their expectations.

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Practice Areas

Civil Rights Law

Through the Constitution of the United States of America, we are all guaranteed certain rights and freedoms. When these rights are violated by the gov...

Employment Law

Employment Discrimination Several federal and state statutes bar employers from discriminating or retaliating against an employee be...

Commercial Litigation

The Law Office of Brandon J. Gibson, PLLC is proficient with the process of commercial disputes in federal, state, and local jurisdictions and practic...

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